Writing doesn't have
to be lonely

Writing helps develop critical thinking skills, communicate important ideas, forge new relationships, and can create life-changing career opportunities.

Despite all the benefits, writing and publishing online can be incredibly difficult and lonely. 

Compound has designed an environment that makes the historically isolating and challenging writing experience more collaborative, effective, and fun.

We help writers take ideas from conception to polished pieces of work by plugging into a highly curated community of authors, editors, and experts to assist at each step of the way. 

Compound’s writing workflow reliably produces better work. Only a few months old, we've helped over 100 writers hone their craft, publish 100s of new pieces, and in many cases, accelerate their careers, quickly grow their audiences, and improve their thinking.

We combine asynchronous editing and collaboration through research, outlining, drafting, and publishing, with a series of live workshops, expert-led events, and a thought partnership program that pairs writers and editors together based on shared interests and expertise. 

Each and every Compounder is vetted through a rigorous application process to create a diverse, supportive, and safe environment to explore ideas, develop writing work, and hone your craft.

We live in an exceptional time in history. Ideas can travel from your laptop in the living room around the world and back in an instant, informing, entertaining, creating opportunities, and ultimately shaping the narratives that craft our reality and our future. 

It’s never been more important to help develop stronger writers and better narratives. We hope you’ll join us on that journey. Apply here.

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